Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Winter Collection

I've reviewed Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers before, but I picked up a few of the limited edition Winter Collection and decided I would post these for you anyway.

My love of plaid, argyle and stripes runs deep...and this collection is full of them.  I really love all of the designs, and they were on sale at Target, so I stocked up.  Sadly, this particular design didn't wear as well as the Salon Effects I've tried in the past.  I think the glitter's last the longest of all the ones I've tested.  I've had the glitters last a full two weeks before, but this one didn't last much longer than two days.  The wear you see in these photos is from just one day of abuse.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Plaid About You
Despite wear issues (which might actually stem from Seche Vite shrinkage), this is a very quick and easy way to get perfectly straight plaid lines in a hurry.  The red is pretty, and I could see this looking awesome with a black dress for Christmas parties.


  1. I was excited to see the winter collection but then I was disappointed when I finally did. This one was the only one that actually caught my attention. I like plaid. It is a shame it didn't last longer for you.

  2. Love this design. It's a shame it didn't last long on you.


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