Friday, November 4, 2011

OPI Flakies

I Lily Love You over Dating a Royal
 I know there was a lot of excited chatter over I Lily Love You when the Nice Stems collection was released last spring.  I picked it up, but never actually tried it...kind of feeling hype burnout or something.  Or I just didn't really like pink.

What a huge mistake that was, when I finally decided to layer it over the lovely TARDIS blue, OPI Dating a Royal, I was besides myself with excitement.  How pretty is that!  The flakies are cool toned and iridescent, it little to no hint of the pink it is in the bottle.  I will definitely be layering this polish over more in the future.

I must also apologize for my lack of post yesterday...I work 14 hours a day, and I've been having trouble finding time to fit my nails into the few hours of spare time I have each day (when you add in drive time, I am down to 1 hour that I'm not sleeping, eating, or working).  I will try to stock pile so nail art this weekend (though I'm shooting a film, so we'll so how that goes, ugh).  But don't fear, if nothing else I can start working on some swatching posts and I'll just share my favorite polishes.  I'm not going to disappear anytime soon!  I appreciate your readership, and the comments have been lovely, so I intend to keep the blog going strong.

With that, have a lovely weekend!  The Packers are back from a bye keep cheering us on to an undefeated season!  (which reminds me...I'm putting an NFL mani into my calendar ASAP).


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