Monday, November 7, 2011

Inadvertent Captain America

I am a comic book fan, but I am pretty ambivalent to Captain America.  He is just too boring of a character for me to care.  I need my heroes to do a bit of flirting with the dark side, and a healthy sense of humor also helps.  He is just too unwaveringly good to be interesting.  The movie was good, but it was really just a set up for The Avengers.  I think he will be better utilized there as a foil for the more morally "grey" super heroes like Iron Man, Thor and Hulk.

Anyway..this manicure was NOT intended to be an ode to the First started out as an attempt to spice up a regular deep red mani I had been wearing for a day or two.  The stripe is actually gold, and I was kind of hoping the blue would end up more navy to match a Breton shirt I was wearing at the time.  It ended up coming out so damn patriotic I felt a little meh about the whole thing.  They are all still very pretty colors despite the implications.  (Can you tell I am a less than "proud" American citizen?)

Polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen Red Zin
  • Sinful Colors Hot Spot
  • Nicole by OPI Not a Gold Bigger


  1. It does look very super hero like. I did not see Captain America, I am with you, he is rather boring lol


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