Friday, October 14, 2011

Rooster Nails

Another weekend, another Badger game, another Badger mani.  This time I went even more left field with my design and applied Rooster feathers to my nails.  I purchased these from Hobby Lobby in a bag with many different colored feathers.  For full tutorial on how to use real feathers in your mani, check out my first post with this technique here.

This didn't work out as well as the pheasant feathers I used in the original manicure.  These were less "fluffy" and harder to get to stick to the nail, they were also not shaped as ideally as the others which seemed to contour to the nail perfectly.  Regardless of that, they do look super cool.

For those that have not entered the giveaway yet, and to those who have and are waiting to hear about winners...I am closing the contest tonight at midnight and will contact the winner sometime this weekend.  I am VERY, VERY busy this weekend, so it might be later than expected, but the package will go out at the beginning of next week for sure.


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