Friday, October 21, 2011

Psycho Nails

I think I've mentioned before that I went to film school, and if not, now you know.  This naturally means I've seen a ton of Hitchcock.  He is used in film classes a lot because he is so prolific and leaves a very distinct artistic mark and style on his films, so he is very interesting to study.  I watched Psycho in a class about film score and it rocketed Bernard Herrmann to my second favorite film composer of all time (the first being Ennio Morricone, obviously).  I studied to a lot of Herrmann soundtracks after that, and Psycho remains one of my favorites.

Technically, the crew used chocolate sauce as the blood in the infamous shower scene, but I thought brown blood drips would look terrible, so I went with the traditional red.  The white is China Glaze White on White with Maybelline Snow Bunny over top for some shimmer, and the red is OPI Double Decker Red.


  1. Very cute. They used Chocolate sauce?! how interesting. I never knew that. Sorry, i got distracted by the chocolate lol


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