Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Nails: Jack O'Lanterns

These are so dang cute!  I'm not too into cutesy nails, so I didn't leave these on long, but I really did love how cheerful they look.  I'm also a big fan of orange nail polish in general, so getting to try some fabulous oranges out was also a welcomed event.  I wore these while carving my actual I was ultra festive.

Doctor Who Pumpkin!
I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan, and have been ever sense David Tennant's first episode as Doctor.  I'm going as Amy Pond for Halloween this year, so expect more Whovian photos soon...including an entire post devoted to the wonderful Who fandom when I get around to posting my very special TARDIS nails that I'll be doing to go along with my costume.

To create these charming pumpkins, I started by painting my nails Sephora by OPI's Yes Your Lioness, which is a gorgeous coral with subtle shimmer that is only available as a mini in the Safari Luxe set.  I did not use a fast drying top coat as it messes with the nail pens I used for the faces, so I let that air dry for awhile.  Next, I used the Bright Orange LA Colors Art Deco striping polish to add the faceting lines to the pumpkins, and the green Art Deco polish for the stem.  I finished it all up with the black Sally Hansen nail art pen and a layer of Seche Vite.  


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