Monday, September 12, 2011

Revlon Expressionist Collection Glitters

I have been wanting this collection since the moment I saw the Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance dupe.  I seemed like I was never going to find these elusive polishes, but then my Walgreens finally got them, so I can finally share them with you.

These polishes are part of the collection designed by Gucci Westman.  Each formula in the collection was inspired, Westman says, by the period of Abstract Expressionism when artists first started to “break the rules” of traditional art with those qualities.  It includes a beige creme as well, but I have so many of those, I opted to stick with the glitter trio.  There are also some insanely glittery eyeshadows and lip glosses included in this limited edition release, so if glitter is your thing be sure to check those out.

Revlon Starry Pink
First up is the one I am least impressed with, Starry Pink.  It reminded me a little bit of Hare Pegasus (swatched here), but more sheer and less lavender.  The silver glitter is very pretty, and I love that drugstore brands are branching out into more interesting finishes, but this was way too pale for my skin tone.  I think I am going to franken it by adding a dark purple jelly, something to make it more flattering for my pasty skin.

Revlon Blue Mosaic
Blue Mosaic is a aqua blue glitter with silver and kelly green hex glitter mixed throughout a clear base.  It is ultra blingy.  It took 3 coats to be opaque, but it is worth it.  It ends up looking like a foil, and did I mention the bling?!

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia
Finally the standout, Facets of Fuchsia.  This a dupe for Bad Romance, alas I do not have that polish, so I have no comparisons for you.  A purple glitter in a black jelly base, this is simply the most unique and utterly gorgeous polish you are going to find from a drugstore brand.  Opaque in 2 coats, but I did 3 to be sure.  I can't say enough good things...


  1. Could you post swatches of the Starry Night after adding purple to it? I was thinking the same thing about how light it is vs my skin tone.

  2. @pn

    Certainly! Here you go:


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