Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mixed Metallics

I own a ton of foil polishes.  It is easily my favorite nail polish finish, yet I don't do nearly enough nail art with them.  I wanted something flashy for last weekend, so I ended up coming up with this ode to precious metals.  I have quite a few silvers and golds to chose from, but I like how these three create a subtle change over the nail.

This is executed using a typical tape mani technique.  2 layers of the silver, Sally Hansen Celeb City, to start with...let dry, tape across nail, paint with gold color, in this case I used Nicole by OPI Not a Gold Bigger, allow to dry, tape nail again, and finish with copper/rose gold color, this one being Zoya Richelle.

All three of these polishes have wonderful applications.  I think I've mentioned before how velvety the Nicole by OPI (from the Beiber collection) goes on, and the Zoya is the same.  Celeb City is a little sparsely pigmented with just one coat, but by two it is a great example of a silver foil.


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