Friday, September 2, 2011

Badger Game Day!

I LOVE college football.  It has none of the bullshit of professional but still all of the talent, and fans have a real reason to get behind their team of choice...because it's their school too!  I love all the weird traditions, and the rivalries, and the fact that it doesn't overextend it's welcome by stretching from August to February like the NFL.

I have an even better reason to love college football, and that's because I am a Badger fan!  I went to the University of Wisconsin for my undergrad degree, but I've been a Badger for a lot longer than that.  There is nothing more exciting than Madison on game day.  I was lucky enough to live a few feet from Camp Randall during my senior year, and the excitement of waking up to your neighbors blasting Jump Around and Build Me Up Buttercup and the smell of brats on a grill is like nothing else in the world.  I was fortunate enough to go to Madison during an era of incredibly fine football teams that culminated in a Rose Bowl trip, but it really doesn't matter if we win the game...the atmosphere of Camp Randall packed with a sea of red is more than enough for me.

I am thrilled to start off this season with a win (though an expected one) and can't wait for more to come.  Saturdays for me just got a whole lot better, so expect a lot of red and white nails in the coming months as we make our charge for the National Championship!  Number 12 in the nation and working our way up...

Polishes used:

  • China Glaze Ruby Pumps
  • China Glaze White on White layered with Maybelline Snow Bunny
  • OPI Double Decker Red
  • Essie Very Structured


  1. As I am going back and stalking your older blog posts it gets even better as I am from WI too!

  2. @Amy

    Thanks for the comments and for reading!


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